A How to on Loving Your People

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You know how you love people because it’s the right thing to do & then there’s the people you love because it’s the only thing you want to do? Right, let’s talk about friendship.

There’s something to unrelentless love. What I’m talking about are those people in your life that they know, without second thought, will love, support, & pursue them without question or judgment. So, when it comes to them, how do you love them? How do they know you want to keep them around? Because loving people isn’t always easy, & loving people is a choice you get to make.

I think that loving people well really is an act based practice. At some point in my story, I stumbled across a collection of the most unique souls & decided to love them. But, not even for a second, do I believe they believe in my love for them based on the fact that I say it ((all the time)). I’d like to think they know I love them because of the distance between us feeling much shorter than it actually is on the way to them & much longer on the way away. I’d like to believe it’s demonstrated in the scheduled weekly phone calls because I need to hear their voice, & they need to hear mine. It’s in not even having to think about forgiving them- the hurt slides right off & you’re back to love. Or they find it in the snail mail in their mailboxes. Or having the words they need regardless of if they want them. Or picking up right where we left off no matter the time spent apart.

I genuinely believe that loving people is showing up for them, even when you can’t physically show up. It’s knowing what they need & getting it to them. It’s acting crazy & radically & passionately because you need them to know & understand.

I think that people miss the mark on this, too. You know what I mean. It’s not hard to lay claim to loving a person, & it’s easy to love someone decently. Say it a few times & show up on their big days. But aren’t you drawn to the people who you know are crazy enough to actually pull through for you on your wildest of ideas? I am. I’m drawn to the people who call me just so I can hear them say, “Hey, I love you.” The best love I’ve received showed up in driving an hour and a half for two hours together on my birthday. It’s demonstrated in all the, “Yes, I’ll be there.” statements & undoubtedly believing them. It’s checking my mailbox everyday & finding a letter every time. It’s having those hard conversations that hurt at the time but heal in the long run. It’s going to Africa & back & having nothing but the month change. Those are the people I from which I receive real love.

There’s loving & there’s loving well. I highly encourage choosing the latter. It’s so so good.

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