I was made for you.

I just couldn’t get you off my mind, & my heart realized that’s because I was made for you.

I was made for you.

Oh, please know this: I was made for you.

My goodness, I hope you can imagine the leap my heart took when I looked out expecting to see the stretch of road between there & here, & I saw our hearts together instead. Made to reach out to each other. Made to know each other.

Our hearts. Your heart- delicately, intricately made. Passionately beating. Eagerly waiting. Made to reach out to me. Made to know me.

My heart delicately, intricately made. Passionately beating. Eagerly waiting. Made to reach out to you. Made to know you.

I can just see Him sitting there, dressed in purple, out of the limits of time. I can see him watching us, stuck in time, walking the same streets, holding the same doors, waiting. Waiting. Waiting for our hearts to collide.

&, oh, when they do- the ways we were made to love one another! The ways we were made to grow together! The ways our testimonies are written to intertwine!

Look at the world. Look at its craziness. Fall in love with it in a moment. Then realize you get to love me amidst all the earthly distractions because that’s what we were sent here to do.

My heart. skips. a beat thinking of that moment, knowing it’s on its way.

Please tell me you get it. Tell me you understand. Tell me you know that we- you & I- were chosen to dance through the greatest love story of all time. We were given wildflower fields & parking lots & cinderblock hallways & grocery store lines & concert crowds & airplane seats & unwanted jobs & all of the 21st-century world to use as mediums to fall in love.

Tell me you know that I look forward to the instance I get to love you. Tell me you know that even when I can’t look you in the eye from crying, when my face turns red from embarrassment, when I can’t stop laughing from joy, when I’m too angry for beautiful words, I still look forward to you. Always you.

Because I intimately know who made you.

He who made you also made me. Then He saw you, & He saw me. & He wanted us here, on Earth together at the same time. So many people were here before us. I don’t know how many will come after us. But you & I? We are here together.

We can’t waste time thinking that it’s not intentional that I called your number by accident. We can’t pretend like there’s no reason I mistook you for someone else in line. Don’t think for even a second seating charts are random, that your hometown is just a town, that alphabetized lists are twenty-six sounds in an order that sounds good in a song.

All these “happy, little accidents-” what if they aren’t accidents?

They’re not accidents.

No. I was supposed to drop my pen under your seat so you could pick it up. It mattered so deeply that I forgot my notebook in my dorm and that we rode the elevator at the same time. I had to lose my balance on Marta and bump your bag. I needed to go buy cereal at midnight.

If I hadn’t I wouldn’t have met you.

& can you imagine what could have happened?

Had I not done any one of those things, I wouldn’t have come into contact with you. & the opportunity to love you would be nonexistent. (Which is among the scariest of thoughts I could have.)

Because, you see, it all matters. All of the interaction we have with souls created by the most amazing artist the world could ever know matter. Every time I check out in the store or hold the door for a stranger or join (another) club, I think of loving you, & I know this will be the same.

& my heart. skips. another. beat.

I hope you read this- “you” being the love of my life, the closest of my friends, the teachers I’ve had, the family I’ve made, the strangers in my community, the people of places I will come to call home. (“You” being all the souls I have & will ever meet.) I hope you read this, & know that the biggest honor, the only point, the reason for my life is to love you. I hope (I pray) that I love well. Because it is the most challenging and extraordinary life knowing that is why I get to take another breath.

Because to love you for even the smallest of passing moments is to fufill the deepest desires of my heart. Oh, goodness, thank you. I am humbled by this life.

A letter to all the souls I have & will ever meet
From: a soul you have met or will meet

Special thanks to Emily Nizialek for talking this
one out with me. I've been carrying it in my heart
for a long time.

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  • My dear little one.
    Loving as He loves. So intentional and passionate. So tender yet strong. You are a Treasure, a Gift, a Blessing and a Bonus in my li

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