This is the creative space of Molly Majerus in collaboration with the Lionhearted of the world.

Heart beats. Passion forms. Love meets. Pain comes. We run hand-in-hand toward sunsets and rooftops and dirt roads and passenger doors- everything that proves to us we live.

& all of it- heart passion, love, pain- makes us.

With what it makes of us, we make from it a testimony to the point of life which is, in fact, bigger than us.

& all those moments, sparks, failures, fights, ideas, changes collide. In response, we can do nothing but listen as the cries of our heart roar out of us in music, in speech, in action.

We roar because we want nothing else but to shake the very ground we walk on with who we have become.

Welcome to Roar, a creative space dedicated to documenting the extraordinary.

Brave wanderer, venture through the digitized pages of my mind.

& thank you for giving my thoughts a thought of your own.