The Rest of Your Life With You

Maybe your weaknesses were made to make you, not break you.

I think that you are made to pursue & be filled with goodness. Sure, you have your thing. You don’t like that you always have to ask what words mean. You don’t like the way your thighs rub when you walk. You don’t like your smile or your house or your relationship status. You’re embarrassed by your pain. You don’t get why that had to happen to you. Sure. I get it. Me too.
I think that I was made to pursue & be filled with goodness. I don’t always like that my hair stands on end when I wake up in the morning. I don’t like that math is so difficult for me to comprehend. I don’t like that I am quick to resort to sarcasm when my feelings have been hurt. You get it? You, too?
To see personal weakness is inherently human. We see weaknesses because we have weaknesses. (I take comfort in the fact that at least I’m not seeing things.)
I write all this partly because it’s true & partly because I’d like to beg a question. We lack significantly less than we have. (One weakness I so often observe is the total inability to believe the previous statement. Some of you are even making lists to prove me wrong.) If we all lack in some area, giving us weakness, & if all of our weaknesses are smaller than our greatness, why is it that it is so uncommon to see value in weakness as easy as we see value in our strengths? I guess, if you will, I’d like to know the worth in establishing the difference.
Because I think it would help us love. We want to be different. We want so desperately to stand out because we are special, because we have something different to offer than the person beside us. We do. We are strong in lights different than that person; we are weak in lights different than that person. When I stand beside some of my favorite minds, I am humbled by their ability to quickly calculate or their immediate grace in their pain. The people next to me humble me in my weakness and build me up in my strength, & I find both processes equally essential.
This is about you & the realization that the process to understanding the necessity of respecting all the pieces of you exists so that you can grow and tend to change with grace.
Do you see yourself spending the rest of your life with you? Because you will. You are who you are. I believe that you were made to pursue & be filled with goodness. You will change. But there is no way to predict the pain & the love you will encounter to walk through that change. I guess what Im saying is this: Are you in love with who you were made to be today? If you can’t love the you of today, how do you think you’ll be able to love the you of tomorrow (the you who is the you of yesterday with more days to carry)?
This is about you & the need for you to find the worth that floods from rivers of weakness and strength into the reservoir of your heart. I think you might find it is easier to love when you love all parts.

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